Paul Nellens

Paul Nellens °1945 in Swansea - Great Britain
He started watercolour painting as a hobby in 1998 with Elsbeth Veerman. Later he attended workshops with Sonja Craen, Roland Palmaerts, Wim Hertoghs, Marthe De Decker, Leon Leenders and Frank De Mulder. Joined the A.I.B. (Aquarel Instituut van België) in 2000 and became a core member in 2008.


2005   Second prize Lions Club Voorkempen
2006  Honorary distinction Lions Club Voorkempen
2014  First prize Lions Club Voorkempen


2007  Annual Report SIPEF
2008  Image book Aquarel Instituut van België
2009  Art magazine PALET n°344, Kees Van Aalst
“The watercolours of Paul Nellens”

(…) As a member of the AIB Paul Nellens has been influenced by the style of work in the association, but he has also found his own way and has developed his own signature. If in his works “Stormy river “ and “Red Sky” we still find traces of the AIB style, in his later work “Masai” Paul Nellens shows he does not shy away from using print techniques and other unpredictable affects.
He also has a strong feeling for composition. He combines areas of activity with areas of rest which lead to a balanced painting.
By leaving away much detail and exciting the imagination of the spectator Paul Nellens succeeds in giving his work a modern and abstract look (…)
Kees Van Aalst in PALET n°344 december 2009/january 2010